Why do liberals hate community college students?

Apparently, being a high school drop-out and attending community college are justifiable barriers to employment. There are obvious undertones of class and elitism in this smear and at this point, I am not surprised that liberals would go to such lengths to protect their president.

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    Fuck that man, some people have to work harder and go to community college because they can’t fucking afford an...
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    I can’t tell if anything is serious anymore. But I don’t necessarily see anything wrong with people finding their way to...
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    Of course, when it’s not their guy how they truly feel comes out.
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    Plus doesn’t it show that that person was that much smarter? They went to the cheaper school, got what they needed, and...
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    i don’t normally care/comment about ‘srs shit’ but just wow my bf’s depression kept him out of most of high school; he...
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    “In the process we lose our brightest minds because we’re forcing them to be held back. We’re requiring them to jump...
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    The commentary on the tech industry is incredibly accurate. And here’s the other thing. I bet that guy is brilliant. The...
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    I think it’s an all around classist thing, but I do notice it more community college hate from liberals.
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